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Students to National Conference

Students to National Conference

This initiative's goal is to grow and develop medical student interest in family medicine by engaging students in pre and post-conference WAFP activities, as well as provide funds for travel, registration, and expenses to attend the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students.

All this in an effort to support Academy Workforce Development goals.

Stethoscopes for Residents

Stethoscopes for Residents

This initiative's goal is to give away at least one stethoscope to a resident at each of WI's 16 Family Medicine Residency Programs during an annual visit to the Program.

These visits will include a presentation by WAFP leaders on a topic of the Program's choosing that includes a brief discussion about the benefits of membership as both a resident and an active practicing physician.


An undesignated gift is ideal for a donor who wishes to help the community of Family Medicine but does not want to choose a specific area.

These funds allow flexibility for the Foundation's Board of Directors to award grants and designate dollars to help meet the most pressing needs of the Foundation in order to meet our strategic goals.

The fund can be given to honor and give recognition to loved ones if desired.

Future of Family Medicine Endowment Fund

The Foundation's endowment fund is to grow and be used to provide ongoing support for its initiatives in the future.

Since an endowment is a gift in perpetuity, it is designed to be large enough to allow the interest gained on investments to be used for expenditures of special projects while the principal remains untouched (and growing) as additional gifts are received.

100% of endowment donations go directly to the fund -- only investment income is used annually for projects supported by the Academy on an as-needed basis.

Be a Champion

Be a Champion

Champions of Family Medicine Legacy Council

Establish a Personal Legacy

This charitable initiative has been created to provide WAFP members with an opportunity to establish a personal legacy and make a lasting impact on Family Medicine in Wisconsin. Champions of Family Medicine Legacy Council was developed for an engaged community of donors who have stepped up to take a leadership role.

Now members can help ensure that a program meaningful to them, along with the mission of the Foundation, continues for years to come by including the WAFP-Foundation in their estate planning.

Contact Becky Wimmer for more information about the legacy council or to let us know that you are planning on including your WAFP-Foundation in your will.

Thank You for Your Support

We appreciate your generosity and support for advancing family medicine in Wisconsin.

The WAFP-Foundation is a 501(c)(3) recognized charity and your donation is tax-deductible as allowable by the IRS.