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2021 Individual Inheritance Club Donors

$1,000+ Annually/ 5 years

Mark Deyo-Svendsen, MD


2021 Individual President Circle Donors

$500 - $2,500

Zachary Baeseman, MD

Lisa Dodson, MD

Rodney Erickson, MD

Wesley Fox, MD

Suzanne Gehl, MD

Larry Pheifer

Sabina Singh, MD

James Slawson, MD

David Wehby, MD


2021 Individual Donor Circle Donors

$0 - $499

Emily Anderson, MD

Mary Arenberg, MD

Ben Boardman, MD

Sanee Bonnell, MD

Robert Brown, MD

Jeff Cavaness, MD

Beth Damitz, MD

David Deci, MD

Jennifer Edgoose, MD

Diana Flint, MD

William Gaetner, MD

Valerie Gilchrist, MD

Danielle Gindlesberger, MD

Tom Grau, MD

Joseph Gravel, MD

Thomas Hahn, MD

William Heifner, MD

Melissa Hidde, MD

Steven Holcomb, MD

Barbara Hummel, MD

Jennifer Hussli, MD

Laura Krister, MD

Arne Lagus, MD

Michael Mazzone, MD

Patrick McKenna, MD

Elizabeth Menzel, MD

James Messerly, MD

Erin Morcomb, MD

Karen Nelson, MD

David Olson, MD

Jacob Prunuske, MD

Elizabeth Pyne, MD

Jean Riquelne, MD

Robert Sander, MD

Ani Saryon Kopf, MD

Michael Saunders, MD

Alan Schwartzstein, MD

Robert Sedlacek, MD

Richard Shropshire, MD

James Slawson, MD

Paul Sletton, MD

Paul Smith, MD

Eric Stader, MD

Rhonda Steffel-Heling, MD

Jonathan Temte, MD

Kyle Thomas, MD

Jeremy Waldhart, DO

Morgan Warfuel, MD

Matt Wheeler, MD


Mark Deyo-Svendsen, MD, FAAFP is a WAFP member, on the WAFP-F Board of Directors and Founders Circle donor

Why did you choose to donate to the campaign, Students to National Conference, and how is that important you?

My spouse and I are very deliberate in our annual giving plan. We invest in organizations that share our vision and our values. By joining with other people with similar goals, we can do so much more that we could ever do by ourselves. WAFP is a great partner in advocating for the health care needs of the communities we serve, and is the only significant voice to call students in to Family Medicine.

What do you want accomplish by giving to Students to National Conference?

The National Conference is always the singular event that motivates students to go in to Family Medicine, or confirms that plan for those who always knew they wanted to be a Family Physician. By supporting attendance at the National Conference, we are helping to build the workforce of our future.

What advice would you giving to up and coming medical student wanting to pursue Family Medicine in Wisconsin?

Go to Kansas City as often as you can. Spend time in a rural or small-town rotation and experience the joy that comes with providing care to people of all ages and stages of life.


Andrea Gavin, MD is one of the most generous and involved members WAFP has come to know. She is also a WAFP Family Physician of the year in 2001, President of WAFP in 2018, WAFP Alternate Delegate to AAFP Congress of Delegate (2014-2016), WAFP Delegate to AAFP Congress of Delegates (2016 – present) and President Circle donor.

Why do you enjoy giving to this organization?
I understand the great need for organized medicine to support Family Physicians and our patients especially through their advocacy efforts.
What is your favorite program to donate to and why?
My favorite program to support is Send a Student to National Conference.  It is very well attended and has a high percentage of attendees that end up choosing Family Medicine.
If you were talking to someone else about giving to our organization, what would you tell them?
I would tell them that one of the areas of focus for WAFP is workforce development and for years the foundation has been providing grants and scholarships to students and residents to promote family medicine and practicing in Wisconsin.  For many years now, the Foundation has been raising $30,000 a year to send 50 students to the AAFP National Conference for Students and Residents.  That effort has resulted in 77% of those students selecting FM as a residency.  The foundation has also provided scholarships to encourage rural family medicine.  The best thing about giving to the foundation is that every dollar donated goes to supporting these programs.
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