WAFP/WAFP-Foundation Summer Externship

The Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians (WAFP) together with the WAFP-Foundation is seeking two medical students with a strong interest in Family Medicine during the summer of 2015. The students will work in multiple settings – rotating between the WAFP/Foundation office and a clinical setting with a family physician preceptor. Through these settings students will have experience in a clinical setting, in leadership development, workforce development, advocacy and philanthropic activities. The stipend for the eight-week program is $3200. Stipends will be received in two equal installments: the first installment will be distributed after completion of the first four weeks and the second after completion of the final four weeks.

The goals of this Summer Externship are:

  • To provide students an early one-on-one experience with a Family Physician to gain an understanding and appreciation for primary care medicine.
  • To provide students an early opportunity to be mentored and trained in order to maximize the students' experience through subsequent medical training, opportunities in residency choice and future practice prospects.
  • To provide students with an opportunity to gain perspective for the specialty of Family Medicine within the state professional association (WAFP) by participating in activities and projects initiated through committee work.
  • To provide students with a leadership development experience within WAFP and WAFP-Foundation by working with both volunteer and staff leaders.
  • To provide students with experience in advocacy efforts through lobbying efforts with WAFP and its lobbying team.
  • To provide students experience in philanthropic projects of the WAFP-Foundation.
  • Attend National Conference for Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students in Kansas City July 30 - August 1, 2015 and any WAFP sponsored activities related to National Conference as part of the externship experience. (WAFP will cover the cost of travel, hotel and conference registration.)

Student Extern responsibilities are:

  • To commit to the completion of the program (8 weeks).
  • To conduct yourself in a professional manner and be accountable to your matched preceptor and the executive directors of the WAFP and WAFP-Foundation.
  • To be a learner, not expecting to behave as a physician. The WAFP/WAFP-Foundation wants you to enjoy your experience.
  • To submit your evaluation and to submit an essay upon completion of your experience (to receive your 2nd check).
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Deadline November 20, 2014

Interested in becoming a preceptor for these students? For more information, click here.


Testimonials from our Former Summer Externs

I really enjoyed being part of the different committee meetings. Specifically, the legislative committee meeting was very informative. In addition, it was a great experience to help lead the portions of the Value Based Medical Home Committee meetings when dealing with my survey project. It was also really interesting to sit it on calls with a new Board member, the interviews for the Summit and more. Just being a fly on the wall during those types of meetings I learned a lot about what the WAFP is all about and why it’s beneficial for Family Physicians to be a part of it. – Lea Heller, MCW, 2014

As part of my time with WAFP, I enjoyed working with other interns, creating connections across medical schools and having access to conference calls with physicians/WAFP Board Members. It was also very beneficial seeing different styles of family medicine practices during my clinical experience, including academic, community, rural, and direct primary care. I became more comfortable interviewing patients and presenting to attending physicians. – Sabrina Martinez, UW, 2014

Knowing very little about the WAFP and its’ Foundation upon beginning this program, I found it very beneficial to see what roles these organizations play and what they provide to their members. I enjoyed meeting the office staff and sitting in on the various meetings and conference calls to see these roles in action. Overall, the clinical piece of this program has only served to increase my interest in family medicine. I enjoyed experiencing parts of the state to which I had never been before and seeing how differently family medicine is practiced by the various providers I followed, even within the same clinic. – Cameron Blegen, UW, 2014

The clinical preceptors gave me the opportunity to practice interviewing patients, doing physicals, and assisting in procedures. Throughout the first year of medical school I learned about collecting a history and doing a physical exam on patients but the externship provided more opportunities to develop my skills and comfort level with patients. When working in the WAFP office, I learned about advocacy and the legislative work that takes place in the capitol. I learned about the PCMH and how it affects hospitals, the medical team, and patients. I learned about how important being an active member in WAFP and advocacy in general is to the well-being of my future patients. – Devlynne Ondusko, MCW, 2013

By working with the WAFP, I was able to develop my leadership skills while learning about the many hats that the WAFP/WAFP-Foundation wears. I began to realize how important advocacy is in legislation efforts as well as the significance of establishing Patient Center Medical Homes and alternate reimbursement systems for the future of medicine. From my Physician Salary survey, I found out that Family Medicine physician’s salaries are higher than I expected with various perks such as loan repayment plans and signing bonuses. During my clinical experience, I really enjoyed working with multiple doctors who each had a different style with their patients. I was able to interact with a wide variety of patient populations in different clinical settings (rural vs. suburban, walk-in clinic, big hospital vs. smaller practice vs. concierge medicine). – Steven Broderick, MCW, 2013

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